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Embed your videoask in a typeform

If you use Typeform as well as VideoAsk in your workflow, you can make your respondents' experience even more personal by embedding a videoask into a typeform. 

You can also embed a videoask response in a typeform to take sharing feedback and insights to the next level! Check out our Community post for a video tutorial on how to embed a videoask or videoask response in a typeform

Give the videoask embedded in a typeform a try below ⬇️

Note: The videoask is set to preview mode and your responses won't be submitted.

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Embed a videoask in a typeform

Things to keep in mind when embedding a videoask in a typeform

Embed a videoask in a typeform


In your VideoAsk account, select the videoask you'd like to embed in a typeform. If you're new to VideoAsk take a look at how to create your first videoask.



Click Share & Embed.



Copy your videoask's URL.



Head over to your Typeform account and select the typeform where you want to embed the videoask, or create a new one.


Note: If you're not familiar with the tool, learn more about getting started with Typeform.


Click the + sign in the left-hand sidebar of the Create panel and choose any of the question types available from the dropdown menu. In this example, we'll select the Statement question type.



In the panel on the right-hand side, click Add next to Image or video.



Click the Video tab.



Paste the share link you copied from your videoask into the YouTube or Vimeo field and click Add.


Note: Currently, videoask URLs with a custom domain aren't supported. We recommend using the default videoask URL as respondents won't be able to see the URL of your videoask.


Select a layout in the right-hand sidebar to choose where you'd like to position your videoask.


Note: Only inline or floating layouts are supported for embedded videoasks.


Rinse and repeat the above steps to add however many videoasks you'd like to your typeform. When you're ready to share it, hit Publish.



And that's it! Now respondents can interact with and reply to your videoask while completing your typeform.


💡 Tip: If you want to really jazz things up, embed a videoask in your typeform ending screen!

Things to keep in mind when embedding a videoask in a typeform

Although we're always continuing to improve and develop our integrations, there are a few things worth bearing in mind when embedding a videoask into a typeform...

Responses will be collected in separate accounts.

VideoAsk and Typeform are separate platforms that have not yet been fully integrated. This means you won't see the answers to your typeform in your videoask's inbox, and your videoask responses won't appear in your typeform's Results Panel.

Make sure to keep an eye on both accounts to keep up with the responses you receive.

Data collection works differently between Typeform and VideoAsk

Responses to a videoask will be submitted step by step (so you might receive some responses even if your respondent doesn't reach the end of your form), whereas answers to a typeform are only submitted when the respondent clicks the final Submit button.

In practice, this means that you could receive some responses to videoasks embedded in a typeform, without receiving a response to your typeform.

Contact details cannot be passed through a videoask embedded in a typeform

You currently can't pass contact details between a videoask embedded in a typeform, so depending on your flow respondents may have to enter their contact details twice.

If you want to avoid respondents having to enter their contact information twice, learn how to connect a typeform to a videoask using variables.

You can import respondents' contact details from a typeform to your VideoAsk contact list, so if that works for your flow, learn how here.

Respondents will have two call to action or submit buttons

Because you are essentially embedding a form within a form, respondents will be prompted to submit their answers to both the videoask step and the typeform question.

Respondents will see both the call to action or buttons from the videoask (as determined by the answer type you've selected for that step) as well as the typeform Enter or Submit button on the same page. Respondents should submit answers to the videoask part of the step first and then continue with the typeform. 

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