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Let customers request a personalized quote with VideoAsk

If you offer tailored services or products based on your customers' individual wants and needs, the price you charge probably varies substantially.

Add a quote request videoask to your website or social media channels to get personal at scale, maximize completion rates, and watch the leads pour in.

Here's an example of a quote request videoask. In this use case, customers want to receive a quote for wedding flowers:

⬆️ Don't worry, this one's set to preview mode so we're not collecting submissions. Feel free to have a play around.

To get an idea of how we created this videoask, here's what it looks like on the backend:


We've used conditional logic to direct respondents down different paths depending on their answers, and offered high-spenders the option to jump on a live call with us. We've made the most of VideoAsk's recall feature to address our respondents by name in the overlay text of step two, to add an extra personal touch to our communication.

Note: Some of the features used in this videoask and mentioned below are only available on paid plans. Check out our pricing page for a full breakdown of what's included in each plan.

Here's a list of the features we used:

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We've put together a list of time-saving integrations that our customers are using in videoask flows like this one:

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Share your videoask with the world

You'll probably want to add your videoask to your website as an iframe or widget, or link to it from a call to action button or Facebook Ad. Explore more ways to share your videoask.

Continue the conversation through VideoAsk

And it doesn't end there! Spark a conversation after collecting submissions by replying to respondents directly from your VideoAsk account. Use tags to keep track of conversations and make the most of our direct message feature to reach out to your VideoAsk contacts with a personalized video or audio message.

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